Leave no town behind (the end of an epic roadtrip)

As I mentioned earlier, my return trip home from the Western Cape was quite the journey, which took me through six of South Africa’s nine provinces! I had planned on doing the whole thing in one day but, soon after I started, that plan became less and less of a probability.

I don’t know at what point I decided to stop at every single town I passed (or drove through). Perhaps it was upon seeing the turn-off to Matjiesfontein – a name I remembered from my childhood.

While in Matjiesfontein I then decided that I would post just one photo from it and all the other towns. As beautiful and interesting as several of the towns were, if I posted more than one, you would be bored out of your mind, and here for hours wading through them all.

Feel free to look up the route on your map app of choice, or, if you’ve travelled this route often, you may recognise the places. And remember, only my 105mm Macro lens was working at the largest aperture, so I couldn’t get any wide shots, and I had very narrow depth of field…

(Click on images for larger versions and to read more about the places I visited.)



  1. You really have an eye for composition and colour. You should continue to pursue photography!

  2. Wow what an epic trip. Did you ever get to sleep anywhere? What a marvelous record your pics make, like keeping a visual diary.

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