Heading for home (the end of an epic road trip)

I think it’s about time I started winding up this three-week, 4,500km-long roadtrip which started back in April, and has seen me explore my roots, enjoy many a sunset, see my camera pack up, reminisce about childhood holidays and explore junk shops and wine farms.

My next two posts link so closely to each other that I think I shall do them both on the same day. For this one, I will be featuring several photos I shot on the road, while the second one (which I will post later) will feature one photo from every town I drove through.

My trip back home from the Cape took two days and I covered approximately 1,600km. On the first day I stuck mostly to the highway (with a few detours into nearby towns). I then slept in Bloemfontein overnight, and headed straight onto country roads the next day.  What should have taken me 5 hours maximum on that second day eventually lasted eight.

But, without further ado then, my photos en route (many of which I shot through the windshield. But don’t tell anybody.) All were shot with the only lens still working – my macro.

(Click on images for larger versions.)