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I haven’t blogged here for two months, but there are some posts that just need to be written!

Early last year I wrote about friends who were volunteering in a small squatter camp on the west side of Pretoria (South Africa’s capital city.)

Rather than repeat myself, I think it may be easier if you went to that post to read about what they were doing back then. I ended my blogpost last year saying “I’d love to compare (the photos) in a year or two’s time.”

Last week I got the opportunity to return and do just that. Since my last visit the group had raised money to buy a prefabricated building which now serves as a school. Whereas previously the school met under a tree or on the dirt road on the outskirts of the squatter camp, its new home boasts a kitchen, large classroom, bathrooms and a crèche section. They also expanded the play area and are training more teachers. The group of volunteers, with help from people in their churches, are also supporting some of the first children from the squatter area financially to attend primary school nearby. Despite many challenges, the group is still going strong – returning weekly with food for the pupils and to just love and teach both the children and teachers.

Headed up by a trained occupational therapist, the group consists of regular men and women from all backgrounds and vocations, who have decided to give of their time and money to serve people who have very little. On the day I visited speech-therapy students from the local university had also come out to work with the children, as part of a programme to prepare them for mainstream schooling.

Really, I wanted to write this blog post simply to honour everyone who has been so generous; those who have given, made food, visited and prayed.

You saw the conditions in which they were working when I last visited. Here now, photos of the school just over a year later.

(Click on images if you would like to see them bigger.)




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