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A private visit to the Fort de Flemalle

I’m nearly done here but just before I end this journey I thought I would post about my visit to the “Fort de Flemalle” outside Liège.

The fort is one of 12 built in the late 19th century to protect the city in the east of Belgium. The fort was attacked in World War 1 (during the battle of Liège) and was the last of the forts to surrender after 10 days of heavy bombardment by German forces. In-between the two world wars it was rebuilt and fortified, but lasted less than a week when Germany again invaded Belgium in May 1940.

Ours was a private tour, thanks to the guide – a friend of a friend. I haven’t met many young people as passionate about history as he. And when it came to the fort itself, he could not have been more knowledgable. Not only is he part of the team of volunteers who are helping to restore the fort, but he is also developing a 3D computer-graphics guide to the whole fort.

What an interesting day. And how much fun to see the kids delighting in the experience too! Oh, and just by the way, they have put together a really interesting museum too.


One comment on “A private visit to the Fort de Flemalle

  1. denisechabot
    March 20, 2016

    Quel bon temps passé tous ensemble, c’était une visite passionnante !

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