The only streets I saw in Paris

Well, this is new! I’m actually going to try to do this blogpost from my phone. Yes, that is a challenge for me, as I have been posting from my laptop for ever. 

As you may know, I am in France. And while in France one’s first and main stop is Paris, right? Wrong. On this trip pretty much all I saw of Paris was the metro and bits and pieces as I travelled to and from Normandy, and to and from Belgium on the train. Right now I’m on my way to Switzerland, and had 45 minutes to kill at the Gare de Lyon. I also have a suitcase that weighs 30kg and two other bags, which kind of prevented me from straying too far from the station.

And so, the only photos of Paris you get to see from me this time are these snaps I took quickly on my phone from outside the station. No Eiffel Tower, no Montmartre, no Notre Dame de Paris, just a couple of random Parisian street scenes. 

(Oh, and by the way, I’m posting this from a TGV – a French high-speed train. That’s pretty cool, right?)   



  1. “And as our final piece of business, I would like to officially welcome a Mr. Robin Malherbe to the 21st century. Congratulations.”

  2. The bike is an excellent way to establish a foreground/background. The lines of the street really focus your attention on the bike. It’s simple, but I like the way it works.

    J’espère que vous apprécierez votre voyage en France!

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