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About capturing those special moments for your favourite social network

I wrote this blog in September 2013, posted it, and then immediately deleted it when one of its protagonists asked me not to make his photo public until after he had retired. Since then he has indeed retired, and I just happen to be visiting with he and his wife in France. Last night we were enjoying a meal together with friends and family when the subject of these photos came up. Much laughter ensued, of course. 

“Please post it,” he insisted, after I told him about its existence. And so I am. If you happened to read it in the hour or so it was previously in the blogosphere, I’m sorry. If you didn’t, please do enjoy the moment with me now! 

Does anyone out there agree with me that photography has kind of got out of hand?

What with every lad and his grandmother now owning a smart phone (or camera), we’re being bombarded with photos on social media platforms and blogs (yes, I too am guilty occasionally) of everything from engagements to picture-perfect weddings with the bride soaring on a swing as her hubby looks on all doe-eyed; of celebrities pouting and cute kittens frolicking; of parties and posturing, selfies and sublime scenery; of ill-fitting dentures and irrelevant travel snaps. We’re being drowned by a flood of out-of-focus drivel and treacly, romantic snapshots …

And I actually love photography! Imagine how those Philistines who are completely ambivalent to the art must feel under this assault to their senses.

Recently I was visiting friends and saw one of those baby announcements on their fridge – you know the one: airbrushed, with husband and wife caressing her gigantic belly … I gagged when I saw it, but decided then and there to do one of my own – using my friends as models in their dining room.

The couple’s nieces took great delight in suggesting what outfits they should wear, and even helped by bringing out tangerines, grapefruits and kiwis for him to use as “boobs.” None worked really, and we decided to go “au naturel.”

If you are a wedding photographer, or have had one of these taken, and are now sitting there trying to think up a suitably-indignant response, go ahead, I won’t take it personally. Just as you should not take these (personally). In fact, I could do with another good laugh.

The original baby-on-its-way announcement

The original baby-on-its-way announcement (and my inspiration). Interestingly enough, I met her and her toddlers at church on Sunday. I’m wondering what she thinks of my version.

My version. Much better, don't you think? Phhhhhh, bwahaha.

My version. Much better, don’t you think? Phhhhhh, bwahaha.


One comment on “About capturing those special moments for your favourite social network

  1. kvennarad
    February 23, 2016

    “…Does anyone out there agree with me that photography has kind of got out of hand?…”

    As an exercise, step back in history by decades (or by 25 years if you like) and consider a new technology that enjoyed a sudden vogue. It won’t be long before you get to one that you give thanks for daily, maybe even wish had been around earlier – what if Buddy Bolden had made a cylinder record, for example?

    The prevalence of photographs means that our era has a social archive like none before it.

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