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A walk through rain and shine

I think I mentioned the weather in my previous post: mostly cold and rainy, which is typical of Normandy in the winter. But I’ve tried to get out for a little walk most days – often just to buy baguettes and croissants at the local bakery. A few evenings ago, with the late afternoon sun streaming in through the open shutters, and the rest of the household napping, I bundled myself up warmly, grabbed my camera with its macro lens, and headed out the front door.

The walk started in warm, perfect light, went through freezing, driving rain and ended under cool, open skies. It led me through the little village where I’m staying, out into the fields, and back into the village again past typical timber-framed homes.

I’ll have some photos from Rouen, the main town in the area, in a few days. But for now, please enjoy these photos from my afternoon walk.



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  1. There_Lot
    February 19, 2016

    You must have a good camera:-)…

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