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The mystery of my nameless model and how to make a post go viral

I wrote earlier this week about my visit to Kirstenbosch last weekend. While I was there I decided to try a cool feature on my DSLR, that I’d known about for a while, and recently read about again: an in-camera double exposure. I remember doing a few with my film camera back in the early ’90s, but had never thought about trying it with my digital.

The thing is, I really wanted to use a person for the one image, and plants for the other (being in the world-famous botanical gardens). I definitely don’t do selfies and I wasn’t sure if my mother wanted to be plastered all over the internet, especially if the experiment was a failure. And so I wandered about looking for a guinea pig (so to speak) who would be willing to model for a complete stranger.


My model for a minute

It’s not the easiest thing walking up to someone, and asking if one can take his or her photo – especially with all the stories out there about weirdos with cameras. But eventually I saw a guy and girl strolling together. It looked like they were just friends, and I didn’t think that I would destroy a romantic moment if I butted into their conversation, so I swallowed my pride, embarrassment and fear of being manhandled to the ground by the athletic-looking guy, and pounced into their conversation from out of their blind spot.

After they had got over the shock of being accosted by a strange man with a large camera, I explained what I wanted to do, asking the young lady if she would mind being my model for a few minutes.

“Sure. How would you like me to pose? Hair up, or down; smiling or serious,” she giggled at the strange situation. “I hope this will work for you.”

I thanked her again for being such a willing model – perfect for my trial – and that the only thing that would spoil the photos would be my ineptitude.

“Ha ha, only in Cape Town, hey?” she mused, about this strange situation she found herself in.

I took a few photos, but really wasn’t happy with the result. Clearly I need a lot of practice! But the sad thing is, I was so caught up in the moment, not wanting to bother them for too long, that I completely forgot to ask her name, or get any of her details.

My in-camera attempt, which I wasn't that happy with.

My in-camera attempt, which I wasn’t that happy with.

Back at home I decided to play with double exposure/image overlay on my computer – having fun clothing her in fynbos and using her silhouette with a beautiful sky.

“You should send her some of the photos,” my mother noted when she saw what I had produced. And, of course, sadly, I can’t.

So, how do I fix this?

How do I make a post go viral in order to find my gracious, nameless model? Or do I just forget about it, and learn from this experience for the next time I saunter up to a complete stranger with a similar request?

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  1. Tish
    January 29, 2016

    Fascinating. And what a lovely model.

  2. Bianca
    January 30, 2016

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