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T minus two days (and counting)

Well, once again it is that bitter-sweet time when I’m about to say goodbye to friends and family here in Madagascar. Bitter because there are yet more farewells here (does it ever stop?) and sweet because I miss everyone back in South Africa, many of whom I get to see soon.

Today was a full day: a church meeting (with many goodbyes) followed by the most special of lunches with people from church in the tiniest, hottest, most humid loft, then a gospel/carol singing time back at church, then playing with my current favourite two-year old and, finally, supper with the Midges…

I believe my photos for today are most appropriate at the end of such an enjoyable day.

610_3674 610_3700


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  1. Andy
    December 14, 2015

    This ought to change a certain someone’s opinion on sunset photos! These are fantastic!

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