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The last of the -tychs

As we reach the end of the work-week, so too the end of the diptychs and triptychs from Madagascar.

diptych reading

Above: Two photos I love, that show the polar opposites of schooling here in Madagascar. The first is of a friend of mine reading to two children at a private school. She came over from Australia for a year to train teachers at the school, and was able to improve their rudimentary library vastly, with many books donated by organisations and individuals back home. The second is of a temporary school classroom on the way to town, set up after the floods in March and April this year. Who knows how regularly the children were able to attend, or what resources were available to the teachers and the children themselves.

Below: Photos shot a few weeks ago when it felt as if the city was on fire, there was so much smoke in the air. It did make for a wonderfully-moody photo in the top shot though. I started the series of -tychs with a photo called “home.” I’m ending it with this one I’m calling “going home.”

diptych going home



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