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A road fit for a lemon

The rainy season was barely a week old when I was asked to take family photos for a friend on the outskirts of town. I asked her on the morning of the shoot what the road was like, which she assured me was “fine”. And so I set off on the Lemon (now also known as “The Batmobile” for obvious reasons.)

It was fine, subjectively speaking. Fine for a 4×4 or a mud-wrestling tournament. When I passed the coughing, wheezing truck and the sign for the “Church of the Apocalypse” I really started to worry though.

But that’s what life here is like – an adventure down every dirt road, and through every bog. And if an old man with a child on the back of his bicycle could make it, I most definitely could!

I did just fine, took the photos, and was treated to a delicious meal, before it started raining again.

Once it had abated I made the natural choice for my trip home: not back by the same muddy mess, but along the dyke flanking the rice paddies. Once before I tried a similar route on my Yamaha XT350 off-road motorbike, and ended up in a rice paddy (much to the amusement of all the fishermen and other passers-by.) But this time I was much more circumspect and, apart from scaring two ladies who were using the same path, made it back without incident.

A friend tried the same (muddy) route in his Hyundai i10 a few weeks later and vowed “never to do that again” despite the fact that his wife needs to visit the same area to have her baby in a few weeks. As much as I love the i10, I don’t think he will manage along the dyke as an alternate route. He may have to borrow the “Batcopter” for that trip.

(All photos shot with my phone.)

IMG_2093 copy IMG_2097 copy IMG_2100 copy IMG_2103 copy


3 comments on “A road fit for a lemon

  1. Tish
    November 29, 2015

    We should send our (SA) Voetspore team to Madagascar. They have just done the Great Rift Valley. Some awesome roads along that route too. I love your pics and stories.

    • Robin
      November 29, 2015

      They have just left here after spending three months doing over 7000km on some of Madagascar’s worst roads … So you can expect to see some amazing footage on Voetspore in a few months time!

  2. docugraphy
    November 29, 2015

    Brilliant & beautiful!!!

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