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It’s been a big year, baby!


Today exactly a year ago this little character had a cranioplasty – a major operation to repair her skull. You can read more about it here: The cute kid and her many expressions.

Can you imagine going through such trauma at only 15 months old? And imagine the stress for her family? But she came through with flying colours and in no time was flashing her winning smile. Here are some photos from her time in the hospital.


Before the operation, with shaved head.


The day after the op, her face all swollen.


Clutching her only comfort, bunny.


And smiling already.

She’s just over two now, and keeps us all entertained. And, probably because of the operation, she also now sports the funkiest hairdo on the planet! I heard her mom calling her recently to “come upstairs, let’s fix your hair.”

“Why? It’s broken?” was her (obvious) retort.

The other day she was walking around the house speaking gobbledegook to herself. I responded in the same language, as she went by me. She stopped, looked very sternly at me and said: “Uncle Bob, what are you saying? Speak properly!”

She’s a pretty unfussy eater, but particularly loves mayonnaise. In fact she would be quite happy just eating mayonnaise for every meal. Noodles to her have been “noo-noos” for the longest time. Earlier this week her 9-year-old brother, copying her, told her he was eating noo-noos. “No, Evan,” she chided him, “they are noogles.”

Her response to sunglasses, after trying on some el-cheapos lying about the house: “Bunny’s green … mommy’s green … EVERYTHING’S green!”

She gets most offended whenever anyone speaks about her in her presence. “I’m here!” she exclaims, slapping her chest. And if you ask her if she is a boy (after all, she has five brothers) she responds either with “no, I’m Joelle,” or “no, I’m a body.”

What a kid. I’ll miss her when I leave this island next month.



3 comments on “It’s been a big year, baby!

  1. Tish
    November 27, 2015

    Thank you Rob

  2. Mabel Saul
    November 27, 2015

    Oh! Rob I love this little girl Oh I wish I could have her picture if I was allowed for my own album. I love every story about her.

  3. There_Lot
    November 28, 2015

    I think the last photo says: Good job, Uncle Bob!

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