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It’s smoky out there people

Throughout my corner of Africa (and Madagascar) the people seem to have the mistaken belief that if they burn the countryside the rains will come quicker … Of course (here in Madagascar anyway) all the burning tends to happen at the start of the rainy season, and then the rains come and the practice continues year after year.

A few weeks ago it felt as if the whole city was on fire, and so I holed myself up indoors whenever I could. While I was hiding on one particularly bad morning my good friend Kim was shooting the most amazing scene from his front balcony.

I intend posting every day if I can, until I leave Madagascar in mid-December. And today I’m starting with Kim’s beautiful shot …

D750 010


2 comments on “It’s smoky out there people

  1. Tish
    November 25, 2015

    Even my cell phone shows that Tana is smoky when I check the weather forecast. Oh dear, those lungs!

  2. There_Lot
    November 25, 2015

    Fantastic photo, Kim!

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