Children of Kathmandu

610_7901If I were to be accurate, I would call this post “Children of Kathmandu & Lalitpur” but it doesn’t run off the tongue quite as well as its more concise version. So, Children of Kathmandu it is.

I shot all these photos in three days as I explored the two ancient Nepali towns. As many of you know, people are my favourite subjects. I wasn’t planning on doing this series – it just happened as I wandered along capturing children in their natural environments.


There were the boys playing cricket, and the friends on the tractor who first stuck their tongues out at me, and then posed very seriously; the little one proudly showing his mother how he could run across the suspension bridge and the five siblings who chatted to me while I was shooting passing cars. The youngest of the five came and leant on my shoulder, chatting away in Nepali about the merits of what I was doing and how I could improve my shots. Neither of us understood each other but we had a moment that I, at least, will remember for a long time.

And so it went: scene after scene of memories. I started with over sixty photos but whittled them down to thirty-odd (with much difficulty). These are the things I will miss the most when I return home: the simple moments interacting with real people (including the children) on real streets.

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  1. Incredible shots. It will do the photos injustice to try and choose favourites. This capture the “quintessence of life” for me. (from ‘The secret life of Walter Mitty’).

  2. As they touched your life in a very special way, so you touched theirs in ways that you will never know; but where love and laughter and acceptance are, a flower blooms.

  3. Wow! Rob What shall I say?it is outstanding. Those pictures are stunning. I think to see children showing off their skills is amazing.

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