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It is well with my soul …

610_9713This week I went on my last flight into the Himalayas – to a remote village called Runchet, in the Gorkha district.

One of the NGOs we have been flying regularly had transported a few tons of rice, dahl, oil and tarpaulins to the village using 150 mules (a typical, affordable transport method in these mountains). We flew them up to administrate the distribution of the cargo, and I got to ride along.

While they were busy with the village leaders I wandered around, chatted to the villagers, laughed with the kids, photographed the school pupils and watched people rebuilding homes that had been destroyed by the earthquake in April. I was shown the most recent landslide right next to the school, where the school’s toilets had once stood, and the temporary long drops right at the edge of the (newly-formed) cliff.

Just before we left we were all presented with scarves – a small token of their gratitude. The children lined up in a guard of honour and gave us a standing ovation, and all I could think was, “We are not worthy. We have done nothing of real significance, nothing in the grand scheme of things to deserve their gratitude. What else would we do but help?”


The people of Runchet are the real heroes, having to deal with and overcome adversity every day. My role for the last two months has been to manage passengers and cargo at the airport in Kathmandu. I don’t often see the real people we fly to daily. But, on Sunday I did. I saw people who were genuinely grateful for our assistance, children choosing to go to school every day despite the hardships they face after the earthquakes, women working the fields and men building.


This was my first and undoubtedly last visit to Runchet but, as we flew back to Kathmandu after an hour on the ground, all I could think was, “It is well with my soul.”

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3 comments on “It is well with my soul …

  1. old man sam
    September 1, 2015

    a beautiful story and amazing photography

  2. madasue
    September 2, 2015

    Oh Rob, such beautiful people. I LOVE the one of the lady smiling/laughing into her hand!

  3. Geraldine
    September 2, 2015

    Aaaah Robin, that’s so special! Precious memories for you, I’m sure …

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