About golden sunrises and almost farewells

Amazingly, I have been in Kathmandu almost two months already, but my time in Nepal is nearly up. I would have loved to have seen Everest itself, to have travelled to places like the Chitwan National Park to ride elephants and experience the culture of the lowlands … but that’s not why I was here. I was here to serve on a team involved in earthquake-relief operations.

Instead of the touristy experiences most foreigners come here for, I spent most of my time in Kathmandu, with a few sorties into the mountains by helicopter. And, honestly, as much as I’m ready to leave, I have loved practically every minute. The people and vibrant, historic city have crept into my heart (more than most of the places I’ve had the privilege of visiting).

The traffic can drive one a bit batty, but the people’s genuine friendliness more than makes up for the few irritations. Today I’m sharing my last few photos from Kathmandu itself.

Please do check back for my final three posts until Thursday. I can pretty much guarantee you won’t be disappointed.




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  1. Rob, it was an experience of a life time. I am sure you did not miss out on anything except the Everest and elephants ride.

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