Old man smiling

For the last few days I have been trying to shoot a series of photos for a blogpost next week that I’m calling “Children of Kathmandu.” Obviously that means I’ve been focusing my lens on the little people. But two days ago, after a three-hour walk that included a short game of cricket with four neighbourhood boys, many conversations with young families and time spent photographing kids in their natural environments, I walked past this old guy.

I actually walked right past him, did a double take, took another three steps and then turned around. His was a demeanour that just had to be captured: a general fun guy it seemed, his face etched with experience.

Whenever I do photography on the street I know immediately if the image will be good or not. This case was no different. 




  1. Good indeed! This man has come to terms with life and his place in it. I will be so sad when you leave Nepal; I have greatly enjoyed your blogs and pics from there.

  2. The old man enjoyed himself, you can see by the looks;
    he is handsome and was very handsome when he was still young.

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