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In Kathmandu: The beautiful game

It’s monsoon season here in Nepal. For the past month it’s really been coming down in buckets, especially last week.

Two afternoons ago I got off work early, and was faced with two choices as to how to spend the rest of the day: a siesta or a walk around the city. With only 10 days left here, my decision was easy.

After about an hour and a half of wandering I saw a soccer field across the river, which I decided to try to get to. I crossed the smelly water on a suspension bridge, and then picked my way down muddy, slippery paths, until, eventually, I broke through into the open space. A group of youngsters was playing soccer, some were trying to play cricket, and yet others were zipping around the outfield on their bicycles.

The pitch was completely waterlogged, but they were having a ball. Every time a player would fall over, or the ball would come to an abrupt stop in the water, the boys would howl with laughter. I stood there for an hour trying to capture the unbridled joy of a group of boys playing on an unplayable pitch. Not one goal was scored, but they had a ball. Literally and figuratively.

Later some school children arrived, all in uniform. I could see their teachers regard the filthy pitch with disdain, then their still-clean students … Immediately they decided to scrap sport for the afternoon. Of course, kids being kids, they got me to take photos of them and then we chatted about where I was from, how sad they were at the political turmoil in their country, about school and how proud they were to call Nepal home. They even taught me how to introduce myself in Nepali, which went something like, “mero nama es Robinoo.”

With the sun going down, and supper calling to me, I said goodbye, sad that I couldn’t see the end of the beautiful game.

(I only had my 50mm lens, which is not ideal for these types of photos but I cropped and edited, and tried my best to produce a few shots that could represent what I enjoyed.) Click on images for full versions.



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