Two months into earthquake relief in Nepal

Yesterday I mentioned the twin earthquakes that struck Nepal in April and May this year. I am here in Nepal working with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) who are coordinating helicopter flights into some of the hardest-hit areas.

We are working with a local helicopter charter company Fishtail Air, who do all the flights with their two Eurocopter AS350 “Ecureuil” helicopters. Originally MAF was hoping to be here for one month. This last week we hit the two-month mark, and it looks like there is funding all the way through to September.

“But the last of the two earthquakes was more than 10 weeks ago, what could you possibly still be doing there?” you might ask. And the answer would be, “Tons. Literally,” as the following infographics show.

MAF Disaster Response Nepal MAF Disaster Response Nepal

That’s kind of mind-blowing, in my humble opinion.

This last week I went on two flights to Baruwa in the Sindhupalchok District, north-east of Kathmandu, to drop off and pick up doctors from Médecins du Monde. I was amazed to see how many remote villages had been supplied with tarpaulins, new roof sheeting and other supplies, and just the level of aid, including food, that has been flown into the mountains.

I could write more but I’ll continue the story with photos from the two flights.



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  1. It’s so amazing to be reminded of how “people are people” wherever you go- LOVE the shot of the man with the hat…such dignity in his face. And the landscapes are breathtaking. Thanks for showing us yet another view of lives lived…

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