That’s quite a cranium!

If you’ve been reading my blog for more than a few months you will know Joëlle by now. If not, perhaps read this post to bring yourself up to date.

Last month she went for her 6-month check-up in South Africa – to make sure the operation had turned out the way it was meant to and that the wounds were healing well.

They came back with these funky x-rays, which she will one day be able to impress her friends with – like war wounds.

How amazing is that gap in the top of her head?!?

Having seen the pics, I can now see why her parents are so careful about her not falling on her head! But she’s an amazingly-bright little thing – able to think and reason abstractly, and learning new words every day. For all intents and purposes she was given a clean bill of health – but she will still need to be monitored closely. And, in a most unforeseen twist, it seems as if her parents will have to find oodles more money to deal with her orthodontist’s bills (to have the zip in her upper palate removed).

The zip, from the top she was wearing when she had her x-rays taken. How bizarre does that look?
The zip, from the sweater she was wearing when she had her x-rays taken. How bizarre does that look?

Just to prove that she is a normal child, and rather than leave you with only pictures of her skull, here are some recent photos I’ve taken of her.

610_1365 610_1379 610_2616 610_2623



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