Where was I?

Meva Guesthouse
Meva Guesthouse, my former home.

Hello again. It’s been a while. I hope I haven’t been missed too much while away from the blogosphere. Here are some of my updates:

My stolen laptop, backpack and various other things remain at large. This despite the general announcement in church asking the liberator of my goods to at least return my glasses and travel mug (anonymously) in the offering basket.

I have moved from the beautiful guesthouse that served as my home for just short of four months to house- and dog-sit for a Canadian family on furlough‡. It’s very quiet. So quiet I don’t sleep. (Weird but true.)

Since my post at the end of April reporting on my terrible health and “having a month to live” it has improved significantly. I know many people have been praying, I’m on new medication (thank you, oh wise and generous benefactor in Pretoria) and Sue has been blessing me with heaps of gluten-free goodies. My lungs are doing better as a result, but my girth is not.

Speaking of Sue, I would never have imagined seeing her turning to both a Mennonite cookbook and a recipe book focusing solely on gluten-free recipes as much as she does. Kim remains staunchly gluten-free intolerant.

Winter is here with its foggy mornings, cloudy days and mid-teen (Centigrade, not Fahrenheit) temperatures that feel significantly lower. Roaring fires are the order of the day most nights already. I am trying to make it through winter in shorts and sandals. So far, so good.

Foggy trees 1 Foggy tree

Somehow Buttercup, a.k.a. The Lemon, is still alive, notwithstanding the beating she takes from Tana’s roads. This week, while rattling along on a cobblestone road behind Shoprite, I heard a strange weeeooohooowoo noise followed by a clunk. A pedestrian immediately shouted, bent down, and brandished my scooter’s hooter at me. (No, I’m not being rude, that’s a “horn” to you North Americans, I believe.) She’s also needed new front shock absorbers for weeks, but they are as scarce as hen’s teeth in the capital. So she will have to just keep jolting and clattering about for as long as possible.

Late last month I got to shoot downtown at night. The fact that I got home with all my camera gear was pretty exciting. I also got a few moody shots.

Girl at night Moody night shot Zombie walking

I hope to get my long-term visa next week, or the week after, or the week after that. Whatever the case, I need my passport back by early next month. But that’s a story for next week.

‡Furlough, according to one of the younger Midgley boys, is where missionaries go home to recover from their hard work on the mission field, and end up working really hard to raise money so that can afford to come back to work hard again.



  1. Maybe there’s a gap in the already over-saturated cookbook market? “A Mennonite Gluten-free, including recipes for gluten-free intolerant people too, recipe book” 🙂 Whadya think?

    • I think you need to do all those things and include a section for soya mince. Recipes using soya are seriously under-represented.

  2. I have been following your blog for some time since I heard about you from my colleague Elaine, I felt so disappointed when reading about the disappearance of your goodies. Be strong and optimistic with your job, God is on your side.

  3. Cool that you’re blogging again, but you should have put in a recap, including the Uranus thing.

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