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About a splendiferous sunset and freaking out my readers

Apparently writing a blogpost headline like “About air, lungs, tar and having a month to live” is frowned upon.

Judging by the comments both here and on Facebook it upset some of my readers, especially those who didn’t read all the way down to the bottom of my 1000-word post. I wrote “what if I only had a month to live?” Many of my readers, getting stuck on the title, erroneously read “I only have one month to live.”

“You suck! My grandma told me you only have a month to live,” wrote one dear friend. “It caused utter panic and emotional distress that I cannot describe! Way to make a commotion …” (She wrote other sweet things too because I think she was secretly worried that I could indeed expire within the month and she didn’t want any bad juju driving me towards my grave.)

Another friend was equally as entertaining in her decoding of and response to my post. “How ’bout we all get together and punch you for including ‘a month to live’ in your cutesie title 😛 Talk about freaking people out, Robin 😛 Oh yeah, glad you’re not dead. Turd.” I especially enjoyed her pithy coup de grace.

An early-riser blog-reader texted an ex-girlfriend of mine at 5am and told her she had to read my post IMMEDIATELY. Probably not the ideal way to be woken up – with a post like that foisted at her. Half asleep, with tear-filled eyes and heart pounding she struggled to make sense of it all, she told me, when she called in person yesterday. Sadly I didn’t get around to jotting down her colourful words. When I asked her if she really thought I would be as cold as to use social media to announce my pending demise, she nodded. “Yes, that’s exactly what you would do.” My sister agreed, but at least she knows my sense of humour and has worked as a journalist so knows one needs strong headlines to draw readers into a story.

There were also heartfelt outpourings of care and concern about the state of my health, while others promptly started claiming my possessions. “Can I have Buttercup (the scooter) when you’re gone?” asked one. My laptop, cellphone and camera were also snapped up pretty quickly. But that’s to be expected – I visit a home of five tech-savvy boys most days. One of them asked if my will was up-to-date, and informed me most sternly that I should make it so if it wasn’t!

A few people found the comedy in the situation, as was intended. My favourite suggestion about what I should do IF I had only a month to live was, “just get married at last, you’d only have to experience the honeymoon stage before you died!”

Why make light of ill-health? Because I could have just told you about how bad my lungs have been and left everyone in a faithless, depressed heap, including myself. I know I painted a pretty bleak picture but I’m very much alive and hope to be for many years to come. I’m earnestly hoping and believing that my lungs will get stronger. We are all terminally ill but I truly believe God has many years left for me here (in Madagascar, or elsewhere, but definitely on earth). And if the lungs don’t improve then I shall shuffle off (Madagascar, not “this mortal coil”) with much sadness.

What I should do, where I would go and whether my lungs really are bad enough to force me to leave are just a few of the things I am considering and praying about.

Me. I. Myself.

As important as it is for me to make this decision, one thing my inappropriately-titled blog post clearly did show me was how many friends and family are out there in the blogosphere and on social media following my breathless journey . Thank you.

Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your suggestions and thank you for your encouragement. Now if a few of you could send something more tangible my way? Like gluten-free cookies, an oxygen tent, oodles of cash, or good drugs perhaps?

But seriously, I hope if I ever get to the point where I do only have a month (or less) to live, that my last days and hours would be spent with as many of you as possible. I don’t know how, with so many of you spread around the planet, but I would choose to fill my time and spend my millions like that.

I could prattle on soppily for hours but shall spare you the emotional turmoil, and end with some encouraging feedback:

Yesterday was a particularly good day. I made it all the way through to the evening without needing a nap, and even played some cricket. To top it all off, on the way home I got to bathe in a phenomenal sunset. And I was then treated to a meal by my adopted family here at the guesthouse. Yes, it was a good day. And that’s what counts. For now.

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3 comments on “About a splendiferous sunset and freaking out my readers

  1. Trinda McIntyre Lyons
    May 1, 2015

    Much better blog 🙂 Was thinking about you today while organizing garage sale items. Too bad you are going to miss it this year! Lots of treasures to choose from. Thanks for quoting me…I feel like a STAR! 😛

  2. Jem
    May 1, 2015

    Tech-savvy!? Oh, how rude!

  3. There_Lot
    May 2, 2015

    Glad you could enjoy an absolute bloomin marvellous sunset and another day on planet earth and in Tana.

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