Nothing slow about this Motion

A haven’t done a WordPress Photo Challenge in an eternity. But here goes: Motion.

A family with three kids was staying at the guest house this week. Every day I’d find the children out on the trampoline expending pent-up energy before being forced to sit in the car all day with their parents doing important errands, or at the end of the day after being cooped up in the car.

There was nothing slow motion about the human cyclones and I was called on many a time to fling them about, tickle them or create human windmills above my head with the smaller two.

150424 610_0666 150424 610_0694

… … …

Sometimes one needs to just bite the bullet, pack a picnic and venture forth from home, putting school work aside for the day. Today was one of those days. (It sounds from the previous sentence as if I do school work. I don’t. But you’ll figure it out, I’m sure.)

I was invited along with two families to the karting track on the Route Nationale N°1 south-west of town. In all we would be in the car for three hours there and back (a 70km return journey, by the way). A handful of scooter racers were tuning up their machines for a race this weekend on one side of the small track and I was quite sorry I hadn’t brought The Lemon, to put her through her paces against the pros. But we were there to race karts, a first for me. The company was wonderful, the boys had a blast (including this one) zipping around the track a few times and the fresh air, roaring engines and picnic lunch made it feel as if we were on holiday.

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