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About horizons and making it home alive.

150422 610_0528Later today I’m going to speak to some students at the American School about landscape photography. I must admit, pretty much all I know about the genre I learnt from my friend Kim: “keep your horizons straight.” Which is the most valuable advice anyone could give, of course, but it may not suffice for a 45 minute class. Pray that by the time I get there I will have a few more things to add to it …

Speaking of landscapes, two days ago I shot these four photos on the other side of town, while on our grand odyssey to the dentist. In all we were out for around 6 hours, which included a painless, quick drive there, seven of us seeing the dentist and an hour and forty minute crawl home through the late afternoon traffic.

The youngest summed up all of our feelings when he walked in the front door, plopped himself down at the dining room table and exclaimed to no-one in particular, “Ah, I’m so happy! We made it home alive!”

150422 610_0556

The Andafiavaratra Palace, home of Prime Minister Rainilaiarivony in the late 1800s.

150422 610_0549

The “Queen’s Palace” (Manjakamiadana) in the Rova complex.

150422 610_0608

Looking south west towards the “Temple d’Ambohipotsy.”



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  1. derekmidgley
    April 26, 2015

    Extraordinary pics of big palaces towering over tiny shacks. What a world!

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