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Close encounters in the dead of the night

On our last evening in Antsirabe, having eaten way too late, I took to the streets at 10pm because I couldn’t sleep. There was a huge street party in town, where half of Antananarivo travels the 160km to Antsirabe every year for Easter and descends on its central avenue. We had planned ahead and were far enough away not to be tortured by the thump thump thump of the music all night.

There was a constant stream of people coming down our road though – on foot, bicycle, in pousse-pousses and tricycles – heading to and from the party. The hard part of the shoot wasn’t holding the camera steady or getting the exposures right, it was not being hit by the four-wheeled, three-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles sneaking up on me from the dark (as I shot from the middle of the road).

150406 610_9616

A blur of colour

150406 610_9620

Blue light

150406 610_9625

Pousse-pousse puller’s feet

150406 610_9628

Tricycle shadows

150406 610_9684


150406 610_9704

Pousse-pousse under the street light


Cyclist (and a dog in the shadows)



3 comments on “Close encounters in the dead of the night

  1. Andy
    April 13, 2015

    Love the “zombies” shot!

  2. There_Lot
    April 21, 2015

    Amazing light especially in that zombies shot…actually I like them all…we need to see more photos on the blog…please:-). You can post a photo when you run out of something to say:-)

  3. derekmidgley
    April 26, 2015

    Awesome pics these!

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