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Antsirabe in Black and White

There are some bloggers that leave me laughing out loud. Most don’t but yesterday I guffawed in my mind while reading Rachel’s Whims Black and White photography challenge (my room-mate was sleeping and most definitely wouldn’t have appreciated a real live laugh). Although I wasn’t going to be blogging while down in Antsirabe, this bustling pit of a town 160km south of Tana, I felt I couldn’t pass up her challenge.

I’m not here as a tourist, so I haven’t shot much, but here we have them: five monochrome photos. The streets are so filthy I decided to pass up the push-ups part of the challenge. I feel like such a failure.

150404 610_9299

Professional clothes-washer

150404 610_9310

Just two women with baskets on their heads

150404 610_9379

Pousse-pousse puller

150404 610_9397

Sunset silhouettes

150404 610_9402

Road-side food stall


One comment on “Antsirabe in Black and White

  1. rachelwhims
    April 3, 2015

    Ha! Glad I could get you guffawing. Love your pics. Wish I looked that happy while washing clothes. Perhaps you’ll find time to go back and ask her what her secret is. Maybe she uses Cheer detergent. Yuk, yuk, yuk! 🙂

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