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Of adventures, slaying monstrous fruit and wading through black waters

There we were, our regular handful of guys, praying together outside the compound’s fence on a crisp, sun-drenched morning last week. Outside the fence where the swampy marshland stretched out before us in all its dankness, where all is wild and dangerous; a fisherman perched on a grassy hillock in the middle, competing with herons using a dead tree as a lookout post; bananas hanging heavy to our left: the left, the unexplored wild-lands.

“We should cut those down later,” said the bearded one. “I wonder if they are big enough.”

So I went to check, picking my way through the undergrowth and weeds in my sandals. They were. While I was out on my great odyssey, so far from my buddies, my compadres, my companions, I decided to see what else was worth bringing home.

“Get a knife and your camera,” I said breathlessly to the bearded one, when I eventually made it back five minutes later, after exploring all there was to explore. The knife (obviously) was to tame the bananas.

The camera was for a “voahirana”.

“What’s that,” asked the youngster, wide-eyed? “A lion, a lemur, a Panther Chameleon?”

“Almost,” I answered, “It’s a wild water-lily.”

He seemed disappointed.

But alas, the flower was out of camera range, even for a macro lens.

“I’m going in,” I said earnestly, as I kicked off my sandals and hiked up my shorts so as not to get them wet. The water was dark and slimy but, not one to shrink back from danger, I went in. How manly I felt striding back to the house – lugging the bunch of bananas we had hacked down with our bare hands (and a bread knife) and having captured a water-lily too.

On recounting the daring exploits to Anri-Louise over Sunday lunch she didn’t swoon, she didn’t flutter her eyelashes and ooh and ah about my courage. No, her sage response was, “You should take an anti-parasitic. I know. I got worms and bilharzia and those cool ones that swam in my eye-balls from falling into a swamp.”

All of a sudden I didn’t feel so brave anymore. Anyone got the address of a good pharmacy?

Lily 1

Lily 2

Lily 3


3 comments on “Of adventures, slaying monstrous fruit and wading through black waters

  1. There_Lot
    March 30, 2015

    Totally worth it, though!

  2. ru553lls
    March 31, 2015

    Beautifully written – felt like I was right there with you! And great shots of the water-lily!

  3. Tina Simpson
    March 31, 2015

    what a beauty!

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