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Single snapshots: While trespassing

Actually, let me make this clear, before the gendarmes come a-calling, I wasn’t actually trespassing, in the strict sense of the word.

On Saturday afternoon, on my way home from one of the relief shelters, I went adventuring – in search of a new place to photograph. The adventure took me past what were formerly called the presidential villas, but I believe is now the Paon d’Or residential complex and hotel. First I rode into a property that had a myriad of antennas but someone quickly came over and told me I wasn’t allowed there. He was a bit cagey about what the place was and it didn’t look that interesting photography-wise, so I didn’t push it.

Just outside their gate was a long driveway leading down to the lake. I rode down, left my scooter at the (open) gate and walked in. The place looked abandoned but eventually I found some guards and persuaded them to let me traverse their property to get to the lake. They were worried about their boss finding me but it didn’t look as if anyone (other than them) had been there for a long time.

I jogged down to the lake, past an old boarded-up house and empty swimming pool that must have dated to French colonial times and then came across this scene. Worth the trip off the beaten track, I think.

Former colonial home with and fishermen

Former colonial home with fishermen


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  1. kvennarad
    March 26, 2015

    Trespass more.

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