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In the moment (at an impromptu soccer game)

Yesterday evening I stopped to watch an impromptu soccer game on a makeshift field close to home. The goals were just a touch smaller than regulation-size, the teams were clearly thrown together randomly and the ball regularly went flying out of bounds down the hill. But it was played in good spirit and the spectators were very vocal, which made for quite the vibe.

While I was watching, a boy who had a smattering of French struck up a conversation with me. We exchanged names and ages and then got to the important stuff:

“Give me new soccer boots,” he said boldly.

(It’s common here in Madagascar for children, and some adults in fact, to ask foreigners for handouts.)

“I don’t have any boots to give you,” I answered.

He wasn’t fazed. “Give me boots, and socks” he asked again.

I showed him the beat-up sandals I have been wearing for years and suggested he rather give me some new ones.

He wasn’t biting and simply changed tack without skipping a beat. “Give me money.”

What I should have given him was a lecture about learning to work hard so that he could get a good job when he was old enough, so he could make money for himself (etc. etc.) but a smile, joke and laugh are much more effective ways to make friends and influence people. And anyway, I was here to watch soccer and to snap a few pics.

With many of these I was trying to capture the movement of the game with slow shutter speeds. I had the wrong lens (a macro) but that didn’t stop me from experimenting. The joys of digital!


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  1. ru553lls
    March 21, 2015

    ‘a touch smaller than regulation’ – I see your ministry of exaggeration is still going strong!

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