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Throwback Thursday: Pineapple Boy

Back in 2009 when I first moved to Madagascar I lived with my friends the Midges who had 5 boys. (They now have a little girl too.) The youngest, Evan, was just over two when they first moved to Mada. At the beginning of 2011 Evan decided he wanted to be a piece of fruit when he grew up. This “Throwback Thursday” is about that slice of his life…

January 10:

At supper tonight, out of the blue –
Evan: When I’m a grown up I know how you can make me into a pineapple. You can paint me orange and yellow all over, except for my eyes, my face and the tip of my nose.
His brothers: But how will you make the leaves on top?
His mom: We’ll grow your hair long, I’ll dye it green and we can gel it into spikes.
Evan: Yes, and then you can stick all the spiky, thorny things all over me too.

110226 boys

The brothers pretending to be Evan, pretending to be a pineapple: Oldest Pineapple, Duck Pineapple, Pineapple-gone-bad, Model Pineapple and Sleepy Pineapple

January 28:

Sue, praising Evan about something, called him a hero. Most indignant at his mother’s slur, he replied, “I’m not a hero! I’m a PINEAPPLE!”

February 25:

Evan called me over to ask if I would take a photo of him as a pineapple. The picture below is exactly that – Evan the Pineapple. Apparently a pineapple sticks its tongue out – probably to scare people into not cutting it up and eating it …


March 3:

Evan walked into his parents’ room a few mornings ago and matter-of-factly announced that he actually wouldn’t be a pineapple when he gets older. His mom thought it was probably because he had finally realised that little boys just become men.

But no. His first reason? “Because there isn’t enough orange paint to make me the right colour.”

The second reason? “Because I’m not juicy enough on the inside.”

This afternoon when I asked him to model being a pineapple he just gave me this:

Whadayamean pineapple? That's just silly!

Whadayamean pineapple? That’s just silly!


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  1. madasue
    March 13, 2015

    At least he would be the most character-filled pineapple ever!

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