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Solitude. Alone. Solitary.

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Mother? Mother? All alone (with a photographer).

Solitude: the state of being alone or kept apart from others.

How do you view solitude? Is it a good or bad thing? Kentucky Fried Chicken is really good to eat, but, hold on, I was talking about solitude. Is it something to be sought out or shunned? Hey, stunned rhymes with shunned, or like when my old granny used to kiss me, gummed. Speaking of which, I was gunned down in a hectic game of Call of Duty the other day. I could do with a game, despite how useless I’ve become.

Perhaps I’ve been spending too much time alone, or not enough. I think I shall rather just post pictures of some children all on their own. Alone. In a state of solitude amidst and betwixt the mass of people here in Tana. Like me, with my crumbed, hopefully-gluten-free chicken.


3 comments on “Solitude. Alone. Solitary.

  1. Lovely pictures and your write up made me chuckle. Sounds like you need to get out more 😉

  2. Gen
    March 6, 2015

    Beautiful photos although there is a sadness too. You’ve captured the theme perfectly. Well done.

  3. Tina Simpson
    March 7, 2015

    you have such an uncanny talent in taking photos of people…it’s like you capture their soul! As for solitude, I think it’s all about balance. I love it but not healthy all the time and we need people, we aren’t meant to be alone…miss you!

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