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Silly Sunday: a whole lot of air


I am intolerant to gluten, which can be very off-putting at meal times, firstly because I love pasta and bread and secondly because most people have bread at their meals, and I am invited to eat with people often.

Earlier this week I ended up outside a French-style supermarket and went in to see if they had any gluten-free goodies (the South African “Shoprite’s” offerings are thin). I found some rice cakes and crisp breads and headed back to my friends the Midgleys for lunch, excited to try the bread alternatives. I started with the crisp breads (using the term “bread” very loosely). They were smaller than I imagined – one mouthful each at best.

“Who wants to try some air?” I asked the boys, all of whom did.

“It’s chewier than air,” said the youngest, quite seriously.

“You could use them to sharpen your teeth – like those things budgies use,” said another. (I believe he was referring to cuttlefish.)

“It’s fifty percent leather and fifty percent nothing,” commented the eldest, followed by “but it is the perfect flavourless base for Nutella.”

Finally, after long and hard chewing, another mused, “It’s crunchy and spongy mixed. Weird.”

After those responses I doubted whether they would ever want another, but one by one each asked, “Can I please have some more air?”

Then, last night I arrived back at the guest house to find one of my fellow neighbour-lady house-mate type people, who also eats gluten-free, had gone shopping and come back with the same box of cardboard eats yesterday.

“Tastes like styrofoam, don’t you think,” was her accurate assessment of the stuff.





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