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Throwback Thursday: Teaching English

Today, in my new “Throwback Thursday” feature, where I’ll be revisiting posts from my time in Madagascar between 2009 and 2011, I thought I’d look at one of the things that brought me both lots of laughter and grey hairs – teaching at a local high school. My first few months I reorganised the library, I taught Social Studies in my first full year at the school and then English in the second year.

Grading exams often had me either cackling like a lunatic or sobbing insanely. (Come on, admit it, if you’ve ever taught you’ve done the same!) I leave you with some examples of sentences from one of the grammar and spelling tests. (I don’t remember which grade.) And remember, for many of them this was their second or third language …

  • “My brother is a mushroom.”  … I think he was trying to comment on his brother’s expanding girth? Or perhaps that he was just a fun guy. If he really is a mushroom, I’d like to meet him.
  • “My grandmother is an obsolete woman – she just lies in bed all day.” … I hope no-one ever describes me like that when I get old.
  • “Phlegmatic means someone who is very exciting.”  … Really?
  • “My sister is obsolete.” … Oh, why is that? Are your parents thinking of replacing her with a newer, better model?
  • “My cousin is pregmatic. She will have a baby soon.” … Now that’s creative use of language!
  • “Mr Robin is such an engaging and pleasant person.” … Not the Mr Robin I know. Can anyone say “sucking up?”
  • “Some girls are garrulous.” … Only some?
  • “I have an intuition that my girlfriend is crazy about me.”  … And most guys don’t understand women, you ladies man, you…
My grade 11s in 2011

My grade 11s in 2011


2 comments on “Throwback Thursday: Teaching English

  1. kvennarad
    February 26, 2015

    ‘Pregmatic’ is a brilliant word!

  2. LaBelleza
    February 27, 2015

    I agree! ‘Pregmatic’ should be submitted for inclusion in the Pharos Dictionary. I must admit: I learnt a new English when reading this blogpost:-)

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