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Making art from mosquito-coil smoke

110402 joltI don’t, as a rule, like to burn mosquito coils because of what the fumes could do to my dear old lungs, preferring to use a “zappy-bat”. A few nights ago, however, with a whole squadron of the beasts having invaded my room, and not being in possession of a mozzie electro-shock racquet, I was forced to (burn a coil).

There were big, bloody mozzies, skinny ones, noisy ones, stealthy ones and kamikaze ones, all vying for my precious blood. In desperation I lit a coil and waited for it to do its job, while I tried to watch some television.

Before long, though, I noticed the smoke curling around my bedside lamp, creating the most amazing shapes. Being me, I abandoned my programme in favour of shooting the smoke.

Here, the result.

150222 601_5159

150222 601_5163150222 601_5250 150222 601_5286 150222 601_5322 150222 601_5232 150222 601_5254150222 601_5301150222 601_5260 150222 601_5206

150222 601_5180




4 comments on “Making art from mosquito-coil smoke

  1. ru553lls
    February 24, 2015

    Awesome distraction! You could even use one as a ‘caption this’ picture.

  2. denisechabot
    February 24, 2015

    c’est captivant en effet, je vois des choses dans chaque image, à mon avis, je dois arrêter l’alcool, les drogues et le chocolat…

  3. Rhonda
    February 24, 2015

    I think this would count as finding the beauty in the litttle things…the small things in life. This small place in life where humility is born, a place we need to notice, protect, and remember because it keeps all things big in proper perspective. I am also working to find these small things in life, and these photos inspire me..

  4. LaBelleza
    February 24, 2015

    Number 3:-)

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