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Shooting a band of ear-splitting* entertainers

Years ago I met a girl and fell madly in love. The mad love part didn’t last but, while with her, I did become a bit of a groupie to the band she sang in. I went to their gigs, helped with set-up, lent the keyboard player my dark glasses on occasion and supported them as they released their first CD.

That was a good 18 years ago and they don’t sing together anymore but I still see several of the musicians often. Last night I was invited to watch some of them perform, as Blurred Edge, at a café here in Pretoria. Not being a musician myself, I’m not sure how to describe their style. “Loud” would be one way. “Blues-Rock” might be another, if that genre exists.

The blurb on the event invitation describes them like this: “Each of the players are great musicians in their own right and all of them have successful careers in fields as varied as business development, running a media production company/agency, pipe fitter-sculptor/metal-smith, and music teacher.” That didn’t help me determine what kind of music they would be playing, though.

The vibe was great, with over 100 people packing the noisy café. I took my camera along, of course, and managed a few shots from right in front of the speakers before I was forced to retreat to the back corner. The light was terrible for photography, but these do give some sense of the atmosphere: grainy, retro and real.

(Click on photos for bigger images. I know some are similar, but I just couldn’t decide which ones not to use.)

∗ Let me just set the record straight at the outset. I don’t use the word “ear-splitting” in a derogatory way. What would be a more acceptable constructive description of a powerful, intense band?



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