at home. as a cloudburst threatens my soul.

A few nights ago, lying in bed in the middle of a storm, these loose thoughts came to me. The gist is that we don’t always have it together – sometimes storms do hit our lives but, invariably, we come out the other side. More than that I won’t explain – I hope it means something to you and can encourage you.

rm6_4564aIt’s raining.
Heavy drops pelting the tin roof above my bed; trying with all they have to wound their target … or themselves. It’s 2am. The thunder rolls about my head, familiar, yet more angry than usual.

On another day I might find it comforting even, this African storm I know so well, but tonight it just helps to drive sleep away, soak my soul in sadness, sting my thin skin with accusations.

It will abate, I’m sure, it normally does. The needling (drops) will thin to a pitter patter and bathe my raw, muddied soul. And in a few hours dawn will break in all its golden grace-filled glory, the sun will warm and smile and heal.

But tonight, tonight my bed, and me on it, lies amidst a storm.

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  1. my nephew, now well into his thirties and much taller than me, was once a ‘wee lad’, as the Scottish put it. and when he was three years old, i took him to Stanley Park for a day out. not sure if you had a chance to visit there when you were in Vancouver, but it is jewel of a park, surround by water on about 3 – 1/2 sides. but i digress.
    one of their attractions is the miniature train, so of course we went for a ride. all was well until we went through the tunnel. suddenly my nephew stopped chatting and leaned close to me. of course i put a comforting hand on his shoulder, but thought nothing much of it. a few seconds later we left the tunnel behind us, and before long, the ride was over.
    there were other things we saw and did, including a ride on public transit, and overall he seemed to have had an enjoyable day.
    so at the end of it, i asked him what the best part of the day had been. without skipping a beat, his heartfelt answer shot out as if on queue, ‘the light after the tunnel’.
    somehow this post reminded me of that day so long ago….

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