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Express yourselves, girls, just be careful!

The other day my niece and one of her friends came over to swim. When they started doing front flips into the pool my immediate reaction was to yell, “Be careful, you’ll hurt yourselves.” And then I realised that if I had been younger I would have been alongside them doing backflips. I was as wild once and survived somehow.

Apart from the front flips, I twirled them around from the pool edge, flinging them into the deep end, and taught them to catapult off my shoulders. Sometimes I think we wrap our kids in cotton wool to such an extent that they never learn how to trust, fail, get hurt, get back up and make good choices

Once they had calmed down I shot them just being – expressing themselves as 10-year-old girls.

(Thanks for the topic inspiration Krista.)

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  1. klara
    January 30, 2015

    beautiful photos!

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